“Stella Island” is the latest miracle of the world. Located within the archipelago of the Greek Islands, Star Island is the biggest artificial island ever realized. It aims at discovering a contemporary way of capturing landscape through the touristic experience of landscapes.

“Stella Island” is not only a montage of different geographic conditions (deserts, forests, Mediterranean coasts) but also a combination of real and represented landscapes. This island reflects the usage of landscape throughout the history of art.

“Stella Island” is a juxtaposition of experiential and artificial playgrounds, a place of intersecting experiences, which is taken to the level of perception through advertisements and other commercial visuals.

“Stella Island” is also the model of the lastest project of Flavio de Marco, Guida di Stella, a travel guide to be exhibited alongside De Marco’s paintings and drawings. This handheld book is appropriated to describe how we can experience this destination on location: population, religions, ethics and law, geography and tourist attractions.

The exhibition space will perform as a journey to the island, where the dynamic juxtaposition of varying, yet simultaneous, views of the artworks play in this ostensible advertisement for an exotic destination.

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (22 August 2013 - 15 September 2013)

Frankendael Foundation, Amsterdam (7 December 2013 - 26 January 2014)

Gallery of Modern Art, Rome (June 2014)